Candidate Profile: Zenner for County Commission Dist. 3


In the race for Nez Perce County commissioner's third district, two Republican candidates are going head to head.

Incumbent Doug Zenner is seeking his sixth term and says among many projects he'd like to maintain, he's most focused on listening to citizen needs.

Zenner has 14 years of making big decisions for the county.

"It's true I have a lot of experience but I also work hard to provide that experience down to our local taxpayers. I mean if they come to an issue, they want it solved," Zenner says.

Of all those decisions, and issues, he says he's always tried to keep costs low for taxpayers.

Zenner says, "It's just being good stewards and being fiscally responsible with my county residents tax dollars."

One way the county has saved is by paying off the jail construction project early. The interest saved will be over $1 million, Zenner says. "We're going to pay the jail off 7 years early if we stay on projections. About February of 2020."

Zenner is also proud of infrastructure improvements the county has made, including guardrail installations and bridge replacements. "We've leveraged, used good leveraging of dollars to rebuild some of our aging infrastructure, i.e. McGary Grade Bridge, Mission Creek Bridge, Lenore turn-bay," Zenner says.

As for some claims that commissioners aren't listening to citizens, Zenner says his door always has and always will be open. "They can call, they can come in and visit, and we'll try and solve or help solve their problems," he says. "We're very open, we're very transparent, and I think the three of us do a very good job being responsive to citizen complaints."

Whichever District 3 candidate wins the May 15th primary will face Independent Bob Hasenoehrl in November.

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