City of Pullman Council Ward 3 candidate Brandon Chapman

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Brandon Chapman is running for the seat for Ward 3 and he feels his personal relationships make him the ideal candidate.

Brandon Chapman is the director of marketing and communications at the Washington State University School of Education; but long before that, Chapman had a dream to be a sports broadcaster. He was a play-by-play broadcaster for professional minor league baseball teams.

“I was perfect but I already had a couple of kids, and the travel turned out to be hard,” he explained.

Chapman decided to be closer to his family and moved back to Pullman where he spent his college years. Chapman said he has no regrets.

“My dream is my family now. I don’t regret that at all. That was something near and dear to my heart, but my family is more important.”

And now he says his decision to run for a seat on city council is for one reason close to his heart.

“I’m really doing it because of the family, because of my kids and the future, not just my kids, but everyone’s kids, and people who want Pullman to be even better in the future,” said Chapman.

Chapman said he loves Pullman, but at the same time knows work needs to be done.

“Yes, let’s recognize we have awesome things here in Pullman. Let’s recognize our successes, but at the same time we have to say what’s not working,” said Chapman.

He said with that thought process, he would be a great addition to the council because he always wants to be involved.

“This theory that we, I agree with something that’s been said now I don’t have to say anything for the whole council meeting, and the next council meeting, and the next council meeting, and I don’t ever have to talk, there’s a problem with that. You’re doing the public’s business.”

Chapman is running against Jeff Hawbaker for the seat for Ward 3. Hawbaker has not returned our invitation to speak with us for this upcoming election.

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