Clarkston City Council candidate John Murray

john murray pic.jpg

One of the reasons why John Murray is running for reelection is because he feels it’s important for the city to have some continuity and stability on the council.

On his Facebook page, John Murray posted that the “current Clarkston City Council is creative and active”, and he has “faith they will find a solution to the city’s revenue problems. But it will take leadership and knowledge, qualities he hopes to continue to bring as a city councilor”.

“I feel obligated to continue on,” he explains. “I think it’s important for Clarkston to have some continuity and stability at the city council.”

Murray talks about fiscal responsibility. He believes what Clarkston needs to do is raise revenue and reduce cost at the same time.

“We’ve got $3.8 million in expenses and $3.6 million in revenue and to close that gap we have to find revenue and we have to decrease cost.”

He said decreasing cost is going to be very difficult because Clarkston already works on a very lean budget.

“Finding revenue, of course, means raising taxes,” he said. “It’s about the only revenue source that’s open to us. So people need to get a grip on the idea that 12 firefighters means more taxes and less services from the city.”

But Murray has ideas on how to achieve these revenue goals. He said there’s opportunity to market the city as a destination for manufacturing, and retail expansion.

“We’ve got the big retailer in the valley in Clarkston and a lot of flat developable land next to it so we should be able to attract a sizable retail footprint there.”

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