Clarkston City Council candidate Melyssa Andrews

melyssa pic.jpg

A self-described country girl, Melyssa Andrews said her quiet, friendly town of Clarkston is what pushed her to run for office.

“I’m running for city council because I care about the community I live in and I want to see a good future,” said Andrews.

Melyssa said she’s very involved in the community, helping organize donations for fire victims back in 2015, and regularly speaks up in council meeting.

Speaking out isn’t something she’s afraid to do.

“Public safety means the world to me,” she explained.

Andrews has been a vocal advocate for keeping 12 firefighters on staff in the Clarkston Fire Department…something else that is pushing her campaign.

“I want to see our fire station maintained, come to a financial agreement that will work to keep our fire department, keep our police,” said Andrews.

While Andrews may disagree with some members of council, she said she’s ready to work as a team.

“I would like to see people work together; I don’t like party division,” said Andrews.

Andrews said she will also encourage more business growth in Clarkston. Having worked as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) and in retail, her interest in politics was sparked when she worked in the union.

“I was a lobbyist, a bargainer, and very active and I worked as what’s known as a shop steward or advocate. It enthused me, I enjoyed it and I liked knowing that I made a difference,” said Andrews.

She hopes to continue making a difference if elected.

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