Clarkston City Council candidate Pat Holman

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Pat Holman is a familiar face around Clarkston High School’s DECA program. He’s been helping out with projects over the past decade.

“Whether it be helping DECA projects at the high school over the last ten years, announcing junior high school football games, and being involved with Distinguished Young Women and Mr. CHS and just being involved in the life of the city,” said Holman.

Holman’s voice is the one you hear on the radio during football season, announcing Bantam matchups on the grid iron. He said being involved in community is huge, and that’s one of the reasons why he’s running for Clarkston city council.

“I think it’s healthy to have some new blood; to have some turnover,” he explained. “It sounds kinda funny but I think turnover is important. I think you take the risk of things getting stagnant and I want to see Clarkston continue to move forward.”

Holman supports a full staff for the Clarkston Fire Department, and will work to find budget solutions while being transparent and good stewards for taxpayers.

“Doing the right things with it and being able to answer those questions of where’s that money going and why did it go there,” said Holman.

If elected, Holman said he’ll listen to residents and watch out for the city’s best interests.

“Hearing the voice of the people of the city of Clarkston, hearing people’s dreams and what they want to see happen in the city as it grows, what they want to stay the same, what they like,” he explained. “And then I think our job is to be absolutely great stewards of the people of Clarkston’s tax money.”

We also reached out to councilmember Kelly Blackmon but he hasn’t answered our invitation to speak with us for this election.

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