Clarkston City Council candidate Russ Evans

russ evans pic.jpg

Russ Evans is a long time Clarkston resident and will push for more transparency if elected for Clarkston City Council.

“I grew up coaching Little League Baseball, I played Little League Baseball. I just think Clarkston is a wonderful city, a wonderful place to raise kids and I just want the best for Clarkston,” he explained.

He’s a proud grandfather, a Navy veteran, a graduate of Lewis-Clark State College and worked 44 years for Clearwater Paper. “I’ve had people tell me that one of my best attributes is that I’m a good listener with a level head,” he said. “I will listen to the people of Clarkston.”

If elected, Evans would work to keep Clarkston solvent and independent while providing quality city services. “I’m a conservative by nature and I’ll push for more transparency when it comes to paying the bills in Clarkston,” said Evans. “Not that I think there’s any wrongdoing but there could be something that’s been overlooked.”

He supports a staff of 12 Clarkston firefighters, and equally backs police. But to generate revenue, he said as a city councilor, he’ll think outside the box to help make Clarkston lucrative for business and manufacturing.

Evans said, “Would it be feasible to extend Clarkston city limits? Would it be feasible or profitable for them to look into private contracting for some city services how much is Clarkston paying for the Metropolitan Planning Organization what's their share of the cost? These and a lot of other questions haven't been answered yet.”

“I believe that Clarkston has the potential to be a winner and I just think some of these things you get some new blood in there maybe we can dig in some things and find some answers,” explained Evans.

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