Despite being a newcomer, Ahlquist says he can bring change to Idaho

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We’re now only ten weeks away from primary elections, and the races are beginning to heat up. We spoke with one of the three republican candidates for governor on what he’s doing just weeks away from the primary.

Tommy Ahlquist says he is a newcomer to the political scene but for Idahoans who want a fresh perspective, he can provide it. His blueprints for a better Idaho center along small business growth, education gains, health care reform and tax reform.

He says focusing on both vocational education and higher education, along with a focus on small business and more affordable healthcare, Idaho’s economy can grow.

Ahlquist said this election is more about than just who will head the state for the next four years.

“This election is about the future of Idaho,” he said. “We have a great state built on a heritage of hard work and values, and energy, and that Idaho grit. But we need something a little better. We need a better Idaho. We believe we could do that with some new ideas and a fresh approach.”

The republican and democratic primary elections for Idaho will be on May 15. There are two democrats running, AJ Balukoff and Paulette Jordan. There are also three republicans running, Tommy Ahlquist, Brad Little, and Raul Labrador.

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