Interview with Caroline Nilsson Troy running for Idaho House


In the race for a seat in the Idaho House to represent Latah and Benewah Counties Position B, Incumbent Caroline Nilsson Troy says her experience makes her right for the job.

KLEW News Palouse Bureau Chief Alex Crescenti has more.

Caroline Nilsson Troy has served one term in the Idaho House. While her parents were from Genesee, she worked for the University of Idaho for 12 years and has been a small business owner for 30. There are still some things she learned during the last two years in Boise.

“I didn't realize how collegial everyone is down there, when we’re all together under one roof, we’re all working together to better Idaho,” said Nilsson Troy.

The accomplishment she is most proud of during her tenure is the legislation that she ran from her district.

“Ran one on commercial vehicle’s and being able to keep their license plates,” said Nilsson Troy. “I ran one here for the University of Idaho student body medical amnesty.”

She says getting along with those I the different districts is important the differences between the north and south of the state are not as different as urban versus rural and she wants this area to be recognized.

“I feel like the rural Idaho's voice is really important to find ways for it to get heard,” said Nilsson Troy.

While people may have differing opinions on who and what to vote for, Troy says she just wants people to go and get out on November eighth.

“I want people to get out and vote, it's really important, every election is important and all the way down the lines,” said Nilsson Troy.

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