Latah County Polling Places Over Crowded

CROWD .jpg

LATAH COUNTY, ID- The two-hundred person plus line outside the Latah County Fair Grounds polling location started at 6pm and continued through 8pm.

All of those residents were in line just to register to vote, then they had to stand in line to vote.

The average wait time was thirty minutes.

If you were already registered to vote you could simply walk in.

Latah County Commissioner Tom Lamar tells us they did close the line at 8pm but they were able to register all those in line.

Poll workers were afraid people would leave but the line stayed strong.

The Latah County democrats had pizza delivered to the line around 6pm to entice people to stay and vote.

At 9pm, an hour after the polls closed there were still fifty people in line to vote.

The commissioner tells us a majority of those voters are from precinct eight, which covers the University of Idaho campus.

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