Latah County Treasurer Candidates


    LATAH COUNTY, ID- The public has been submitting questions for Latah County Treasurer candidate BJ Swanson and Republican Peggy Gottschalk.

    One of the most popular questions is how the treasurer would collect taxpayer debt.

    "Staff members in the treasurer's office have proposed payment systems which I think is brilliant and I would continue doing those," said Swanson.

    Gottschalk wants to focus on the people

    "Absolutely, I would encourage those patrons to work it out make payments try to get it taken care of," said Gottschalk.

    Once tax payers give their hard-earned money over the county both Gottschalk and Swanson say they have plans to invest.

    "The treasurer has not invested the money in a risk venture and has lost it all so once I get into the treasurer’s office I will be learning all the details," said Gottschalk.

    "If there are some idle funds we can invest I think an RFP works the best for that and I certainly know how to do that with banks," said Swanson.

    An RFP stands for request for proposal which means you begin considering possible funding.

    Swanson and Gottschalk will face off in the 2018 midterm elections on November 6th.

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