Latah County's Voters Motivations


LATAH COUNTY, ID- According to the Idaho Secretary of State's Office a little under sixty percent of the voting age population came out for the 2016 election.

This year polling places are packed.

I spoke with first time voters and longtime voters to see what's driving people to the ballot box.

Karen Templeton is one of those longtime voters, "well it's been a habit ever since I was old enough and I don't think I've ever missed voting and I think it's very important for every citizen to vote."

Everyone wants a chance for their voice to be heard, "to exercise the political power to do so and represent in some important local items," said Brian Kennedy.

For the younger generation it’s time to join the conversation, "now that we are legal age it's kind of important to be part of the system and have more control over things that happen around us," said Mason Hammer.

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