Laurene Sorensen running for Democratic Representative Seat B


Laurene Sorensen is no stranger to public service.

She's a lawyer serving on the Moscow Food Co-Op Board and Moscow Board of Adjustment.

The democratic candidate says she's seen firsthand the shortcomings of government which is why she wants to get involved.

"I've seen the way our state leaders have failed to deliver on their promises to us and like many people I'm tired of it."

She's ready to be the hand of change, including wanting to invest in preventative health care, keep public lands public amongst other things.

"Id like to modernize our educational system so we can prepare our youngest citizens for success, encourage startups and attract businesses to our state."

But Sorensen says she understands there are other issues currently plaguing the educational system, like the threat of violence.

She's against arming teachers and wants to look at the bigger picture.

State regulations on gun sales and mental health.

"One thing we need to do is open up medical residencies in our state for psychiatric residents. We have a shortage of doctors in this state in general and we really have a shortage of mental health professionals."

If she makes it to the legislature with her ideas she sees herself on the joint finance and appropriation committee and one more in particular.

"I would like to be on the committee that handles the resources and environment because as I said earlier our public lands are just so critical."

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