Lewiston City Council candidate John Pernsteiner


You may have seen John Pernsteiner and his family out and about putting up his green campaign signs.

Pernsteiner’s a Lewiston native, who has seen the city change a bit over the years, but he notes one thing that hasn’t.

“That feeling of community that’s always been here,” he said. “We are a resilient town and that’s what I love about it.”

Pernsteiner works for a company called EMSI which specializes in using labor market data to connect and inform people, education, and business.

He’s the vice president of Economic and Workforce Development.

“I get to work with over 200 cities in the United States on economic development, trends, and strategies,” said Pernsteiner. “And I’d love to bring some of that experience and knowledge back to Lewiston and capitalize on some of the great opportunities that we have here.”

And because he uses data all day long, he said he’ll analyze each and every angle of each opportunity to figure out how would that opportunity would fit into the overall strategy that Lewiston has.

“Being able to leverage this sort of resource that we have in Lewiston to create not only jobs but good paying jobs bur future proofing-type jobs is something that’s really exciting to me and I want to bring those kinds of strategies to the table,” he explained.

Pernsteiner describes himself as a hard researcher who is tireless in the effort of finding answers. But that’s not all.

“I am an elder in my church. I have three kids and a wife who works at St. Joe’s and we’ve just come to love and appreciate all that Lewiston has to offer.”

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