Lewiston City Council candidate Kathy Schroeder

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Kathy Schroeder has a long family history of living and loving the LC Valley, and now she wants to take her passions to the Lewiston City Council.

“I’m a fifth generation Lewiston resident,” she said. Kathy Schroeder has lived in Lewiston all her life, and she loves it.

“I was raised in the orchards and I retired in Normal Hill and I value all of Lewiston’s unique neighborhood,” she explained.

She has passion for the history of the valley, and it’s something she has worked to preserve. Kathy came up with the idea for the NHHO and saw it through to its approval.

“It took ten years, but we were successful in implementing the Normal Hill Heritage Overlay, which is protection for Normal Hill’s aging architecture and neighborhood,” she explained. “So I am very proud of that.”

It was the process of working on the NHHO that inspired her to get involved in local government.

“Four years into that process is when I went onto the Planning and Zoning Commission, because I realized I needed to get involved in city government to get that done,” said Schroeder.

She credits her time on the Planning and Zoning Commission for her ability to lead and serve her community.

“My greatest experience came in 2016, when City Council directed our commission to develop the definition, the zoning and the standards for the homeless shelter,” she said.

Schroeder said being the owner of a small travel agency for many years has given her the skills to make a difference if elected to serve on city council.

“As a small business I only had a very small amount of money to work with and so I knew that I had to invest that wisely back into my business so I could continue to be successful. Well, I want to take that philosophy to City Council where we invest in our city wisely and I want to focus on infrastructure.”

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