Lewiston City Council candidate Kimberly Tolson

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Our final feature for the Lewiston City Council candidates is a professor at Walla Walla Community College who is running in order to give the citizens of Lewiston a voice.

Kimberly Tolson is an English instructor at Walla Walla Community College and is in the process of earning tenure. Her passion is teaching, and she said she loves the vitality and excitement that comes with education. She’s eager to apply this same enthusiasm as one of Lewiston’s city councilors because she wants to give back to the community.

“I want to help, I want to communicate with other citizens, find the needs and concerns that they have and communicate that with the city officials and the people that can get it done,” said Tolson.

Representation is also important to Tolson, meaning she’ll be the voice for residents, and women. She hopes to join Carrie Miller on the council.

“Representation is a huge part of growing and seeing other people do things that allow you to feel like you can do those things too,” explained Tolson.

Tolson also said she bases her teaching methods and her life... on cooperation.

“I don't always have the greatest idea but if I listen to you, you might have the greatest idea and so I want to cooperate with anyone that is going to work with me towards finding solutions for any problems or fixing things in town,” said Tolson.

As far as being part of a government body that makes the decisions for the city of Lewiston, she said she won’t necessarily run the city like a business but the other way around.

Tolson explained, “The people are not the customers, the people are the ones saying things and calling the shots and asking we need this to be done we need better roads we need better sidewalks we need access to places like community park that's what I want to do is being the cooperation back and bring the focus back to the citizens.”

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