Lewiston City Council candidate Steve Martin


"I'm running because I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that I’ve gained over the years," said City Council Candidate Steve Martin. He grew up in Lewiston, but moved away for work. Now he's back and wants to make a difference in the community.

"I started attending city council meetings and so forth, and in that time I felt I could use my wealth of knowledge and experience to benefit the citizens here."

Steve says his experience comes from his occupation. "I spent 40 years in the automotive parts business working for dealerships, in fact I started right here in Lewiston with Mr. Rogers.”

His work brought him all over the northwest, but he says his job he gained leadership skills... And it's that experience that city council needs. "Leadership of people in the same in most all business. And that's what I’m good at is managing people and getting the most out of my people, to benefit all of us,” Steve said.

And it's the people here in Lewiston that Steve says are the reason he's running. "I believe in the people. It starts with natural birth to natural death. And those people are my platform."

He spends time volunteering with children., and he sees them as our future. "I want to see the children progress in this town, get the education they need and stay here. And develop this community in a nice manages progressive growth." He says, he's looking towards the future. "Infrastructure problems like we have today, that we're going to have to face. But in the future we won't leave a burden for our children and our children's children," explained Steve.

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