Lewiston city council candidates meet residents’ one-on-one at forum


Speed dating is when people have just a few moments to get to know one another, and that was the idea behind Wednesday night's candidate forum. Residents got the opportunity to essentially speed date with Lewiston city council candidates.

Voters were given time with each candidate to ask them what ever questions they wanted. It was part of a forum put on by several local union organizations... Including the Lewiston fire fighter union.

This has become an annual event that allows first responders and members of the public meet the candidates one on one.

"I think it's important that we get good, strong leaders in the community that are community based but are also fiscally responsible to the taxpayers and so we try to vet all the candidates. We try to pick the best ones that we think are best and also give the citizens an opportunity to do that same thing," said local firefighter union president, Chris Jacks.

Every candidate was given two minutes at the beginning to introduce themselves and speak about their platforms. Then they spent 10 minutes at each table answering questions and meeting with those who attended.

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