Marshall Comstock District 5 Republican Senator Candidate


There are two republican candidates running for State Senator in legislative District 5, which covers Latah and Benewah counties.

Former Moscow Mayor Marshall Comstock goes up against incumbent senator Dan Foreman.

Marshall Comstock is a longtime Latah County resident.

He's been involved in local government for more than 40 of those years and now he says it's time to run for change.

"I've always had the philosophy that if you agree with the legislature you ought to support the legislature. If you don't agree with them then their needs to be a change," Comstock said.

The Republican candidate for State Senator said he's eager to make changes in areas like state funding in public schools, Medicaid expansion and agriculture.

Comstock said, "my wife and I own and operate a small farm up in the Southwick area where we have grain, hay and Christmas trees."

He's trying to take that experience to Capitol Hill.

"I have a real interest in agriculture so I'd love to serve on the ag committee, also with my experience with local government I’d like to sit on the local government taxation committee. I'd also like to be on the environment and resource committee."

But the former Moscow mayor says he's aware of problems here at home including ways to combat violence in schools.

Comstock welcomes more school resource officers in schools but he tells me a lot of it comes down to funding for counselors, but that's not all.

"Training the teachers how to deal with violence, having the teachers be trained in looking for people that may be suicidal and looking more for the drug prevention, Comstock said."

In addition to education, Comstock also supports protecting the 2nd amendment, increasing funding for safer state and local highways.

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