Pullman City Council Ward 1 candidate Al Sorensen

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Al Sorensen is a sitting council member, but he believes more than just experience sets him apart.

“Low crime, lots of activity, major university, lots of things to do; it’s been a great place for me to grow up in,” said Sorensen.

Al Sorensen is a long time Pullman native. He grew up in Pullman, went to Pullman High School and continued his journey at Washington State University. He had an insurance business in the area since the late 1980’s and he said one thing sets his business apart. He works with his daughter.

"It's a special relationship that not a lot of parents and kids have,” he explained. “There's some work that needs to be done from time to time. It's great, there's nothing like having her in the office."

And because of his history in insurance, Sorensen says he has one up against his opponents.

"There's a lot of people that get in and they don’t understand budgeting and where we're at, and how much money we have, and how much money we don’t have, and where we need to spend it to keep the city running,” he explained. “I think that I can do a really good job."

Sorensen’s been on Pullman City Council for the past four years representing ward 1, and for him, nothing changes this go round. He said work still has to be done, especially in the downtown area.

"We talk about bring people downtown, bring people downtown, we don’t have anything downtown,” he said. “We have very little downtown, let's put it that way. And if you don’t have anything down there to do or for them to go to, what's the sense in trying to bring them downtown."

Sorensen is running against Eric Fejeran for the seat for ward 1. Fejeran has not returned our invitation to speak with us for this upcoming election.

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