Pullman City Council Ward 2 candidate Dan Records

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Dan Records has always been a high achiever. “I was always the guy in school who was overinvolved, I was in every club,” he said. Dan Records has always been a high achiever.

Growing up he was a boy scout and a young marine, along with being the president of multiple high school clubs. He graduated from Washington State University with a degree in political science, and went to law school at the University of Idaho. And now that he’s running for a seat on Pullman’s city council, he knows his previous ventures will suit him well.

“That’s kind of going back to what my parents instilled in me, and lessons that I learned in the boy scouts and young marines, always helping other people,” he explained. “That’s why I’ve chosen a career in public service and that’s why I went to law school.”

Records is now the senior investigator and affirmative action coordinator at WSU. But what he said sets him apart from other candidates is how he views the city councilor position. “I really see the city council’s job as being connecting the residents of the city to the workings of city government, and helping people identify resources, but also fixing issues they may have in the community.”

One of the most important topics during Records’ campaign has been rental disputes. Records himself rents houses, and he said he has gone through both good and bad rentals. “I want to try to find, to see if there’s something the city can do to help resolve disputes; that we keep in mind that we have to prioritize affordable housing and not just more housing,” said Records.

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