Pullman City Council Ward 2 candidate Garren Shannon

garren shanon pic.jpg

22 years ago Garren Shannon moved to Pullman almost by coincidence.

“We started looking for a place that was halfway between my mother and my mother-in-law, and we landed here at WSU,” he explained.

The 12-year Air Force member who was at Desert Storm and Desert Shield, also has a degree in computer science. For the last 16 years, Shannon’s been with the Pullman School District as the director of technology. Education is of high importance.

“Eventually, over time, we’ll have kids that are better educated and trained for tomorrow’s technology; that’s what I’m trying to influence right now,” said Shannon.

Shannon said being in the Air Force actually gives him a huge advantage. The military teaches rank and leadership. “The city runs exactly the same way; I take advantage of that,” he explained. “So that’s a skill set I think I can bring to the community.”

But just like the military, he knows Pullman must work together to get an important project to him, Pullman 20-40…. going strong.

“When we have a voice as aa community, we can actually pull all those things together,” he said. “It has a larger impact when you’re looking for state or federal grant opportunities.”

Through that stance, he says it isn’t Garren’s agenda. “It is the agenda of the common community, their vision, that’s exciting to me,” he said.

And he believes one key thing sets him apart from his opponent. “I have experience,” said Shannon. “It’s just as simple as that. I’ve got a lot of time and energy invested in this city and so forth.”

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