Terry Hardman running for Democratic Representative Seat B


Terry Hardman has a very simple platform.

"Just improve the quality and the nature of the solutions that seem to be in place right now."

But he wants to tackle big issues like Medicaid expansion and bringing awareness to hemp and medical marijuana issues.

"I don't think it's right that some people don't get the relief they need or they have to suffer because other people don't exercise self-control."

When it comes to hemp he see's huge untapped potential.

"It's a non-intoxicating substance that has no drug value it has numerous commercial and beneficial practical uses."

And his beliefs go hand in hand with the committees he would like to sit on.

"The Environment Energy Technology Committee, Resource and Conservation, Agricultural Affairs and I think I would also hit in good with some other committees the Health and Welfare Business and Commerce and Human Resources so those are the areas where I feel like I've got the most to offer."

On the issue of violence in schools he's still searching for the best solution, but it could be proactivity.

"Trying to identify the people or the students that may a propensity or be at risk for those kinds of behaviors and trying to work with them."

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