Pawn Stars' Richard 'Old Man' Harrison disinherits his youngest son

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    "Pawn Stars'" Richard Harrison has disinherited one of his sons.

    The 77-year-old known as the “Old Man” on the show died last month due to complications tied to Parkinson’s disease.

    “We would like to know why,” says "Pawn Stars" fan Bryan Herman. “We do not want to speculate, [or] make up all kinds of stuff."

    It is the million-dollar question fans like have over the reason Richard Harrison left his youngest son, Christopher Harrison, out of his will.

    “Pawn Stars” fan Kelsey Leatherbury could not believe “Old Man” Harrison disinherited his youngest.

    “I think it is ridiculous,” said Leatherbury. “Sorry, I actually would like to know why he was left off. If he did not get along with the other brother or just did not get along with the dad.”

    The will, which was filed in Clark County, shows Rick Harrison as the executor of the Harrison Trust and Will.

    Rick Harrison starred with his father on the hit History Channel show. His widow and other son Joseph are the other beneficiaries of the will.

    “We really do not know why based on looking at the document," Estate Attorney Thomas Grover said. "We pulled it up. He expressed love for his son.”

    Grover has looked over thousands of wills and reviewed Richard Harrison’s. Grover says there are many reasons why the 77-year-old may have disinherited Christopher.

    “Sometimes people disinherit a family member because they are estranged,” said Grover. “Another time, there are maybe other circumstances. They feel that the person is taken care of.”

    In the will, Richard Harrison states: “I would like to express my love and affection for Christopher Keith Harrison, however for the purposes of this will I have intentionally and with full knowledge failed to provide for him and his issue.”’

    Fans of the show hope the Harrison family can somehow work something out, so Christopher Harrison gets an inheritance.

    “It is always sad when you have a great family like this and all these people,” said Herman. “Obviously there is lots of money to go around.”

    “I hope Rick gives him a little of the estate,” Leatherbury said. “He just doesn’t keep it to himself.”

    In a statement, Rick Harrison said through his publicist: "The family had previously discussed this information and it is a private matter.”

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