YouTube star asks for help as father-in-law is trapped in Houston flooding

Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie and Casey Neistat The 2011 Film Independent Spirit awards held at Santa Monica Beach - Press Room Los Angeles, California - 26.02.11 Featuring: Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie and Casey Neistat Where: CA, United States When: 26 Feb 2011 Credit: WENN

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) -- A YouTube star is asking for help as a torrential downpour of rain comes down in Houston, Tex.

Casey Neistat tweeted early Sunday morning that his 70-year-old father-in-law was trapped in his house during the flood.

Neistat, who boasts over 1 million Twitter followers, urged Houston Police to rescue him as soon as possible because the water was up to his father-in-law's waist.

The National Weather Service has urged Houston residents to stay indoors.

They've also asked them to seek the highest floor of their house even if it means going on top of the roof.

In his request, Neistat also sent a tweet of what his father-in-law's neighborhood looks like at the moment. The picture was sent to him by one of his followers.

An hour after his plea for help, Neistat told his followers that the rain has slowed down and that his father-in-law no longer feels he's in danger.

Neistat, 36, stars in a YouTube vlog series about his life.

The internet star, who also have more than seven million subscribers on YouTube, sold his app known as Beme to CNN for a reported $25 million last November.

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