100 Deadliest Days of Driving Comes to an End

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    The 100 deadliest days of driving are between Memorial Day and Labor Day. They are coming to an end but they've taken their toll in Idaho.

    According to the Moscow Police Department in 2017 during the 100 deadliest days of driving there were 4,080 crashes in Idaho involving 7,566 vehicles. These crashes involved 10,951 people 3,715 of them reported injuries at the time of the accident and 86 lost their lives.

    "I haven't personally seen an up rise in most recent years," said Moscow Police Officer Josh Thueson.

    While numbers may be stable in Moscow across the state of Idaho... Idaho State Patrol reports 93 deaths during the deadliest days this year.

    Heading into the last weekend, Moscow PD is upping their patrols.

    "Right now we have an impaired driving grant going on for extra patrols going through Labor Day weekend trying to find drunk drivers and get them off the streets," said Thueson.

    When officers do arrest people for DUI’s their level are on average high.

    "We see from like a 1 to a 1.5 that kind of seems to be the average of people that we catch on the streets," said Thueson.

    If you're driving in Idaho this Labor Day weekend there will be extra emphasis patrols for drunk driving and distracted driving.

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