10th suspicious fire along the Snake River

    SUSPICIOUS FIRE llvsot.jpg

    District 14 chief John Dahmen tells us crews were called out Friday night at around 10pm to a hay stack fire.

    The fire broke out on Wawawai Road near Blyton Landing.

    Chief John Dahmen says, based on the number of gallons of water the hay stack fire would have needed to put out coupled with the fact that they did not bring all the equipment they needed to tear it apart they decided to let the stack burn itself out.

    “It’s suspicious just because there was no equipment running around it or anything like that there were no people there and with fire activity we’ve had in that area we’re gonna call it suspicious,” Dahmen said.

    The most notable of these suspicious fires was Nisqually John which broke out around the fourth of July and burnt one thousand acres.

    The exact cause is under investigation.

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