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2022 Gubernatorial Candidate Ed Humphreys asking for a change from career politicians

Ed Humpreys in Lewiston, Idaho.JPG
Ed Humpreys in Lewiston, Idaho.JPG
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About one month ago, Ed Humphreys of Eagle, Idaho announced his campaign for Governor.

Describing himself as a constitutional conservative, Humphreys of said he's running for governor to break the status quo.

"Career politicians are not going to solve our problems," Humphreys said.

After working as a roughneck in the oil industry, Humphreys made the move to Idaho.

"This is the last foxhole for the American dream, and when I say the American dream, I mean this idea that you can reach for the absolute heights of your personal potential," he said.

Seeing a divide in the GOP this legislative session, we asked Humphreys how he hopes to bridge that gap.

"I think what we're having right now is a leadership vacuum, and this is one of the reasons that we're seeing longest sessions ever and all of this infighting. There's no vision to coalesce behind," Humphreys said.

Humphreys made an appearance this legislative session presenting a bill that he stated would ban racist and sexist concepts from being taught in Idaho public schools. I asked him about the heavily debated topic of critical race theory and what it means to him.

"Critical race theory is a concept that takes personal accountability out of things and promotes an idea that is antithetical to the American dream," Humphreys said.

As for a topic that directly affects our region, Humphreys made himself clear saying he is strongly against Representative Mike Simpson’s proposal to breach the lower four Snake River dams.

"The proposal to breach the four dams is asinine. It's beyond stupid,” he said. “The fact that this conversation has lasted this long concerns me. It's an idea that would destroy the economy in this part. The Port of Lewiston would suffer greatly from it."

When asked how he describes himself as a leader, he said bold.

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"That's the best way I can put it. I have a bold vision and I'm a bold leader."

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