3rd Annual "Break the Stigma" Set for March 3


For the third year in a row, one local group is trying to break the stigma that often marks those in recovery.

"Break the Stigma" is an annual event where speakers from the recovery community and their loved ones can openly talk about mental illness and addiction. Dusty Funderburg is hosting this year's event. He says oftentimes, there's misunderstanding between those in recovery and those who have never lived with addiction.

His personal experience with alcoholism makes bridging the gap between these two communities all the more meaningful

"If it wasn't for people in the community and in the recovery community, I wouldn't be where I am today. I'm super grateful for that so i just want to see people helping people no matter what it is, so just be one whole community," Funderburg says,

"Break the Stigma" will be held Saturday, March 3rd starting at 6 P.M. at the Lifecenter Church at 2377 Appleside Boulevard in Clarkston. Everyone is invited - whether you're in the recovery community or not.

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