85% of voters support Lewiston School District levy

LEWISTON, ID - Lewiston citizens finished voting at the polls just a few hours ago, deciding the fate of the Lewiston School District supplemental levy and two school board openings.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio was there at the county courthouse for the outcome and learns what it means to the future of Lewiston School District.

The polls are now closed for the School Levy Election and the results are in.

"Before we start any counting we do a logic and accuracy test to make sure the machine is working properly," said Nez Perce County Clerk Patty Weeks. "We test it right before we count the ballots and we test it right after."

And those ballots are saying Brad Cuddy and Sheri Allen beat out Norma Allen and Ken Krahn in the school board portion of the election.

"I think they're a great asset," said Lewiston School District Superintendent Joy Rapp. "I think their very kid focused and community focused."

Rapp also said that it's important to have strong people because of some of the upcoming issues they'll face.

"We also are looking at what to do with the high school and how do we build a community remedy or solution," said Rapp.

Another item on the ballot was the supplemental levy. 3,634 voters passed the levy, that's 85% of all the votes collected.

"The fact that the community continues to support the school district and the children is just overwhelming," said Rapp.

The levy makes up about 29% of the school districts funding.

"With state cutbacks it picks up an even high percentage of programs that we offer to kids," said Rapp.

Despite a record setting number of 560 absentee ballots, Nez Perce County Clerk, Patty Weeks said the election ran extremely smooth.

"This one was so smooth, it felt like something was not right, but it has been a nice change," said Weeks.

The Supplemental levy will not be up for re-election again until 2018.
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