Active Shooter Training in Pullman

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PULLMAN, WA-More than three-hundred active shooter situations have occurred in the United States this year alone, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

The most recent one happening on Wednesday in Thousand Oaks California taking thirteen lives.

Sadly, this is something we all must think about and be prepared for.

Pullman Police say every time there's a mass shooting they get more and more requests for drills like today's.

Coincidentally, they scheduled this one months ago because they say this is an exercise that everyone should be involved in.

A Pullman sergeant plays the role of the gunman.

He uses black powder blanks but the effect is real.

With a shotgun in hand he walks from the sidewalk the Neill Public Library where unsuspecting staff were at their normal work stations.

At the door, he switches to a handgun and goes in.

Library Director Joanna Bailey said, "the first initial bullets did not sound like shots it sounded like truck backfiring or a car back firing the beginning of building awareness is understanding what that sounds like."

The folks of the library asked not to be on camera so that's why media has to stay outside. But this isn’t the first time law enforcement here on the Palouse have conducted these active shooter drills.

Earlier this year the Whitman County Sheriff's Office held an active shooter drill for courthouse staff.

Today inside the Neill Public Library Bailey's staff learns what to do just in case.

"The world that we live in today unfortunately necessitates this type of training," said Bailey.

Run, hide, fight is now a common slogan in today's world.

"It's just something that we train for throughout the city an active shooter response we compare it to training for a fire drill or an earthquake drill we always want to be prepared for when bad things happen," said Sergeant Jake Opgenorth.

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