Airport Authority Board: Turning the page with a fresh start

Chris Clemens, Interim Airport Manager: reinventing the wheel.

Monday evening at the city of Lewiston work session, the city said it would provide resources to the Airport Authority Board so it could get back on track.

Weeks after the dismissal of the airport manager and assistant airport manager, the Authority Board is trying to do something different.

The two entities discussed how the city will help with financial and human resource services to help with things like managing the books.

Chris Clemens, Interim Airport Manager, said this is the first step to getting things together before a new manager comes in.

“It’s going to be a long process, and certainly the most help we can get, the better” said Clemens. “We lost a lot of institutional knowledge and there’s not a lot of written policies, or documentation that we have to fall back on. And so we’re sort of reinventing the wheel here. The good news is we have a chance to start fresh but the bad news it takes a lot of resources.”

The airport will have to pay for those services and said they’re able to do so with the money they’ve saved from the two vacant positions.

The city manager will report back to the city council on the airports progress the first week of March.

The county will also be assisting to some extent. They are still working to ensure another carrier signs on, but in the meantime, Delta has reported full flights and will in turn be keeping the third additional flight that was added throughout the winter.

A special session airport board meeting is set for this Wednesday at 4:00p.m. at the airport.

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