Aiyanna's Market: Young Entrepreneur Gives Back with Goodies


Small hands dump ingredients into an electric mixer, as it spins a delicous mix into something baked with love.

This is the Pipers' kitchen on a Tuesday, busy as 10-year-old Aiyanna and her family prepare treats for a special fundraiser. They're making goodies for Aiyanna's market, where she'll sell baked goods, fruits and veggies, and lemonade.

She's not just a young entrepreneur - she'll give half her profits to the Jackson Baldwin Foundation. She was inspired to help children battling illness because of one of her friends, Joey Thomasson, who makes blankets for people undergoing cancer treatment.

"I saw Joey doing it and I decided that we should do something about it," Aiyanna says. "It would help the Jackson Baldwin company better if we get more people. My cookies are really good," she laughs with a giant smile full of braces.

Aiyanna's market will run from 4:30 P.M. until 8 P.M. on Wednesday, August 8th. She'll be set up at 1131 Ripon Avenue in Lewiston.

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