Alleged excessive force lawsuit against Pullman Police settled $500K

    Incident happened August 2016 at the Jack in the Box.<p>{/p}

    To end a federal lawsuit against the Pullman Police Department, former WSU student Kyle North settled for $500,000 for an incident that happened at the Jack in the Box in August 2016.

    North claims include civil rights violations, negligence, disability discrimination, assault and battery. North claims he was suffering from a mental episode when Officers’ Doug Anderson and Michael Sontgerath arrived on scene and tried to take him Pullman Regional Hospital.

    The suit claims officers threatened arrest, pushed him to the ground and tazed him which caused him to lose consciousness. North has also stated that he has also suffered permanent arm damage from the entire incident.

    Pullman police’s response to the suit argued North was resisting arrest and when North went back inside the store and tried to get behind the Jack in the Box counter, putting employees at risk.

    "Our position all along is that our officers did everything right, they employed crisis intervention techniques they tried to get the person to cooperate with them it was only after he made some movements and the officers tried to detain him that the officers had to overcome the resistance he was offering them,” said Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins. “These cases are frustrating for us because we feel like we’re being penalized for doing everything right.”

    The settlement was reach last month and the official documents for half a million dollar amount came out this week.

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