American Pride arrives at Port of Clarkston boosting the local economy


It’s smooth sailing for the start of a busy tourist season at the Port of Clarkston, as around 200 tourists landed Thursday afternoon.

American Price, the first cruise boat of the 2017 season, arrived at the Port of Clarkston around 12:30. This is the last stop on the American Pride’s journey from Portland, Oregon, though some passengers continued up the Hells Canyon by jet boat.

Officials say they’re excited to welcome in a busy cruise season, especially after locks along the route were closed for four months.

"I talked to the crew just as they arrived and they had a little delay down at one of the locks this morning,” said Wayne Tippett, Chairman, Port of Clarkston Commissioners.

"This is actually the third cruise line that wanted to call this week,” said Wanda Keefer, Port of Clarkston Manager. “We had just a few challenges but this is the first one that's physically arrived."

Several community organizations spent the past weeks prepping for this busy season, cleaning and putting up new signs around the port.

Keefer says their season will last until November, with an estimated 27,000 passengers and boat crew coming to port. She says that equates to millions of dollars coming into our local economy.

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