Aquatic Center attributes success to all-inclusive memberships

aquatic center.jpg

Speaking of growing success, that’s the story over at the Asotin County Family Aquatic Center. They once had a bleak future and losing money but are now more than staying afloat.

Officials said they’re seeing more and more people coming through the facility and in 2017 they had more than 100,000 people take a swim. Compare that to the 82,000 people they had in 2016.

The director of the Asotin County Public Facilities District said 2018 is already off to a great start. “A drastic jump, we’re excited about it. We’re seeing that trend continue through January. We’ve got a lot of new members joining every day,” said Scott Stoll, director ACPFD.

Asotin Co. Public Facilities District attribute their growing success to an increase in sales tax revenue and to their memberships now being all-inclusive.

They will be opening the water park June second, and you’ll be able to get in at no charge on that day.

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