Arby’s robber caught on camera

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Clarkston police are currently searching for a man who walked into the Arby’s in Clarkston over the weekend, brandished a knife, and demanded money.

Police aren’t saying exactly how much, but they are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect.

Around 9:30 Saturday night an unidentified man walked into Arby’s in Clarkston, demanding money with a knife in his hand.

“Employees cooperated and were able to give the male the money, and then the male existed,” said Clarkston Police Sergeant Bryon Denny.

Two employees were taken to the back of the fast food restaurant; that’s when they saw a knife.

“It was just displayed in a manner that would make anybody think they would be in harm if they didn’t cooperate,” said Sgt. Denny.

Luckily, no employees were harmed. A crime like this is something very rare for not only this Arby’s, but all of Clarkston.

“Not very often. The last one that I know of at a business was in October of 2015, so it’s a pretty rare occurrence," said Sgt. Denny.

That armed robbery took place at Zip Trip.

Sergeant Bryon Denny think it’s because of how much risk there is. “If that person’s caught, they’re at substantial time, so just that enough alone is a big enough deterrent. Lot of time you don’t get away with that much money so it’s not worth the risk of the prison time you could be looking at.”

Because it happens so little police don’t have many leads or suspects. That’s why they’re now turning to the public.

“That’s about the only way to find it out, is whether somebody recognizes what he’s wearing, the mannerism, or if this person goes and brags or does something to give us another type of a tip,” said Sgt. Denny.

Investigators are asking anyone with information to contact police at (509) 758-1680.

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