Are you ready for winter? Bruneel Point S know snow tires

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    We’re officially feeling that winter weather and it’s time to start thinking about your safety on the road.

    You can now have snow tires on your vehicle in both Washington and Idaho.

    Mechanics at Bruneel Point S in Moscow say that studded tires are one of the better options. An all-season or all-terrain tire is not snow rated.

    There has been a pretty steady flow of customers since November changing out the tires. They recommend coming in sooner rather than later because once that first snow sticks they’ll be slammed with customers.

    "So, you're going to get better stopping, better traction, better starting,” said Joe Kasper, tire mechanic. “A typical snow tire has a lot of silk in it so at a typical freezing point of 32 degrees it won't actually freeze up unlike a normal tire an all-season tire will actually freeze."

    Other things you should check to prepare for winter are tire pressure, brake pads, and windshield wiper fluid.

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