Asotin County Jail Population Above "Target" Level


For several weeks, the Asotin County Jail has seen a rise in the inmate population.

At Monday morning's Asotin County Commissioners meeting, Sheriff John Hilderbrand answered questions about what could be causing the increase.

He said they like to keep the jail population around 48 or under. Monday morning's count was 62 inmates.

That's part of a trend that's been going on since at least mid-July.

Sheriff Hilderbrand told the commissioners that upward trend is due in part to incarcerations for domestic situations. Drugs and mental illness also play a large part.

The Asotin County Jail does have a housing agreement with Nez Perce County, meaning either jail can house inmates in a case of overcrowding.

Sheriff Hilderbrand says high numbers are a safety concern for officers and inmates.

By late Monday morning, Asotin County had transferred eight inmates out of the jail, bringing the population back down to 54.

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