Asotin County Sheriff’s Office Selects New Undersheriff Jody Brown


The Asotin County Sheriff’s Department has added a new staff member. Jody Brown is the department’s new undersheriff. He’s a familiar face in Asotin; that’s because he had to move just one block down the street and put on a different uniform in the morning.

“It was weird. As everybody told me when I accepted the position,” said Brown. “I think every bit of the staff told me “Welcome to Team Green.”

Team Green, the color of the Asotin County Sheriff’s Office uniforms. Undersheriff Brown made the transition to Team Green from Team Blue, the Asotin Police Department, right down the street. But even though the color he wears now is different, Undersheriff Brown says nothing else has really changed.

“I’ve worked enough with everybody as a patrol officer, so I already know everybody. That’s what made the transition so smooth,” he explained.

Many things brought Undersheriff Brown to go green. Among them….

“It was an opportunity I felt I just couldn’t pass up to learn more and expand my career a little bit and take on that responsibility,” he said.

Sheriff John Hilderbrand was also a big part of what tempted Undersheriff Brown to make the move. “I’ve worked with John before when we were both employed at Nez Perce County Sheriff’s Office. “We’re on the same page, so it just made a lot of sense.”

Undersheriff Brown’s job isn’t patrolling the streets anymore. It’s now more administrative, and taking the burden off Sheriff Hilderbrand’s shoulders whenever possible. But he said he can’t do that alone, and without the help of the rest of the staff at the Asotin County Sheriff’s Office.

Brown said, "I really want to focus on the fact that everybody's involved in the processes in the sheriff's department."

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