Asotin Police: Making bomb threat at school has serious consequences


Colfax, Orofino, Grangeville and now Asotin, all have received bomb threats in the month and a half since school began for the year. This threat was written on a wall and like many others has law enforcement and parents concerned.

"It said something along the lines of bomb threat kill, everyone," said Asotin Police Chief Monte Renzelmam. As soon as he read it, he knew they had to evacuate Asotin Junior and Senior High School. "Safety of people is our number one concern so we are going to whatever we can to try and safe guard those people." His officers along with staff from the schools did a methodical search and found nothing suspicious.” There was a threat made, no bomb found," he said. But, that doesn't mean this is over. "The people put their trust in us to take care of their children, so we need to take that serious and we need to make sure that their children are safe, because they are putting their trust in us."

Chief Renzelman said he doesn't want anyone to fear to for the safety of their children, but he knows firsthand, that's easier said than done. "I do have two children in that school, my children went to school. I wouldn't put my children at risk," he explained.

"You think it's not going to happen in your town and then it does." Alicia Heier is an aid at the school, and has children in the elementary, middle and high school. She said she thinks this might be a call for help, "It might be just a cry for help of maybe they are being bullied and no one is listening to them and they don't have a way out and they don't know what to do."

Chief Renzleman agrees, but he says that doesn't make the situation any less serious. "It's kind of sad to say but you are going to have to be held responsible for those actions."

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