Reoccurring drug busts in Asotin have Police Chief concerned

2 arrested in separate meth busts.

Another drug bust in the Valley has the City of Asotin Police Chief speaking out about the drug issues in that area.

Detectives seized up to 90 grams of meth.

Two men are behind bars thanks to the Quad-Cities Drug Task Force, Asotin County Sheriff’s Office, and Asotin Police.

On Tuesday, law enforcement executed a search warrant on the 2200 block of Appleside Boulevard in Asotin County.

In the first bust, they retrieved more than 52 grams of meth, 15 separate bags, as well as drug paraphernalia and packaging material.

Asotin Police Chief, Monte Renzelman, said the Task Force and local law enforcement work together often on busts like these. He’s hoping to keep these drug dealers off the street and ensure a safer valley and county.

“I’ve got a lot of citizens, I got a lot of kids, I got a lot of visitors that come through this community that need to feel safe,” Renzelman, said. “They deserve to feel safe. They should be able to go out for a jog on their street to the river, to the park, wherever,” he said.

Detectives arrested 50-year-old, Gregory Wayne Chestnut. At his home, they also found information leading to another residence on the 1800 block of 4th avenue in Asotin County. That’s how they busted Travis Lee Green Jr. who had 38 grams of meth at his home.

Both men are being charged with possession of controlled substance, methamphetamine, and possession of controlled substance with intent to deliver.

They were both booked into the Asotin County Jail.

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