Attention Passengers: New Electronics Screening at LWS


With a busy holiday travel season approaching, there are some changes to how you go through security at our local airport.

You're probably used to stuffing your suitcase full of all your travel essentials, electronics included. But now you'll want to keep anything bigger than a cellphone close at hand.

Electronics must be removed from your carry-on bags if you're flying out of the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport.

Any electronic larger than a cellphone must be run through an x-ray machine; any one-quart bag of liquids will have to go through the machine seperately.

This is all part of improved screening measures which are quicker and more targeted on potential security threats. TSA spokesperson Lori Dankers recommends keeping electronics easily accessible in your bag, as well as showing up early to make going through security less of a headache for you and your fellow travelers.

Dankers says, "By arriving early you're going to ensure that you have time to be at your gate. So we're recommending at least 90 minutes prior to your flight's departure. Not only allows you to be screened but all those people in front of you who may or may not be ready."

The rules haven't changed on what you can bring through security checkpoints and checked bags aren't subject to the same type of screening. So if you have a lot of electronics you can always place them in a checked bag.

These new guidelines will eventually be implemented in every airport in the nation.

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