Police arrest teen after BB gun pellets hit a home and shatter car windows in Lewiston

    (Photo, courtesy Nathan Ganim)

    Police say they arrested a 15-year-old boy Thursday night in connection with someone firing a BB gun at multiple cars and one home in Lewiston.

    "I get the message on my phone and somebody's done shot my truck window out and my neighbor's truck window out," says resident Nathan Ganim.

    The suspect/suspects allegedly opened fire with a high-powered air gun Wednesday night and left shattered glass all over the neighborhood near the 1500 block of 7th Avenue.

    "If they're driving by, who's to say they wouldn't hit that kid if he was out in the yard and they missed the car," Ganim says, concerned for his neighbors with small children.

    No one was hurt and police arrested the teen Thursday night after a traffic stop where an officer matched his car to one that was caught on video at one of the scenes.

    "[He] recognized the vehicle, he was one of the officers involved in the initial investigation, started thinking 'Hey this matches (the suspect's car),' sees the CO2 cartridges, contacts the family and it all kind of fell into place from there," says Lewiston Police Lt. Jeff Klone.

    But he says things could have ended very differently.

    "Some people may not realize (BB guns) look extremely realistic and if someone were to think you were pointing a gun at them..."

    They could shoot back.

    "I would bet every single house on this road has guns in it," says Ganim. "I know mine does."

    Ganim says his insurance was able to pay to fix his truck's window but that his neighbor with a young daughter was not so fortunate.

    "About 9 years old and he has to explain to his kid why they gotta freeze their butts off until he can scrape up the money to pay for it," he says.

    Police charged the teen with malicious injury to property in one of the three cases in their ongoing investigation.

    "Have to go deal with these stupid vandals but kudos to them for being so quick to do what they're doing," Ganim says. "So thank you guys."

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