Boggan’s Oasis owners plan to rebuild is in motion


A fire destroyed a beloved restaurant in November, and ever since loyal patrons have been left wondering, will they rebuild?

Boggan's Oasis was a popular spot for hunters, fishers... And motorcyclists. Now the owners say the plan to rebuild is in full swing.

Boggan's Oasis is known for their milkshakes. "Over the years, our record for a day of milkshakes is 148," said owner Bill Vail. Many people have been to Boggan’s over the summers, during trips to fish, camp or hunt, so when a fire destroyed the restaurant in late November, people were devastated. "All of our customers have in turn called us and sent over the internet how sad they are that it burned down, and hoping that we were going to rebuild. And we've been overwhelmed with emotion," said Bill.

They recently heard back from their insurance company. "We've made the decision to rebuild, as long as the insurance company comes through with the amount of money we've been paying all these years," explained Owner Farrel Vail.

But this week they began the process of rebuilding… by tearing down what was left of the old building. "Well that means that the start of something to happen hopefully soon," said Farrel.

Bill and Farrel are turning this bad situation into something good. They said now that they are able to rebuild the restaurant, they are also bringing some upgrades. "We'll be able to make it a little more adequate and comfortable for the customers," Farrel said. They plan on added things like central air and heating.

For the Vail's the best part will be seeing their loyal customers again, for a famous Boggan's Oasis milkshake. "I'm going to look forward to seeing our many customers come back in, and standing up at the milkshake machine, and making milkshakes for them and in turn keeping them happy and coming back," Bill said.

Bill and Farrel say they hope to have the restaurant up and running again this summer. They also wanted to add that their cabins and shuttle service are still available.

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