Local historian preserves memory of LHS boys who died in World War II


Local historian, and veteran, Dick Riggs, is working to preserve the memory of local World War II soldiers, killed in the line of duty.

"When I say the number 42, people are always astounded," said Dick. He has written several books about the history of the LC Valley. His newest, Comes just in time for Veteran's Day. "I realized that 42, Lewiston High School boys died during World War II." That became part of the focus for his book.

He researched several of their stories and is now working to preserve their memory. "Allen Knepper graduated from Lewiston High School in 1935, He went down, he was in his plane in Sicily in 1943. His body has never been found," said Dick.

During the war, many young men from the LC valley went overseas to fight for our country, Dick said, and some never returned. "The Pratt brothers, they were both bomber pilots in Europe, they lived about a block behind the high school. They both went down and were killed in 1944," he said.

The school once had a plaque to remember, and honor the 42 LHS grads that paid the ultimate sacrifice, but Dick learned, over time it vanished. "So I talked to the principal and had a new one made and they out it up there in the hall right where you enter the building."

Now, he wants the students of Lewiston High School to realize the importance of the sacrifice those soldiers made. "They were once in their seats; I think it brings it home."

Dick is speaking (Friday) tomorrow at LHS for their Veteran's Day assembly. He is going to tell the stories of the brave men who paid the ultimate sacrifice... During World War II.

He hopes the massage resonates with the students.

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