Bovill’s new Leadership Sets High Goals


Bovill. According to the 2010 census, the population: 260 people. But most of residents there want change. That's just what residents will be getting with newly elected Mayor Mike Porter and Councilman William Stokes.

"He was elected because he's a go getter. He likes to get the job done. He's got a backbone. Small little town, but it's got its issues," says Bovill resident Kenneth Tanner.

One of those issues is the town's roads. Most roads in the town are gravel, and Mayor Porter says they need to be improved.

“There's a lot of dirt and mud that comes up when it rains, so if we could do that, I'd be happy," says the new mayor.

Porter says the way to clean up the city is through grants and coming together as a community.

“There's always this bickering or something. I'm not into that. I could care less if you're. You can only do so much. If I can get everybody to get along here, and I think we have a good council now, I think we can go somewhere," he continues.

“Businesses are always changing and learning what we could do to save money. That's what I want to offer them, is to save money and be more efficient,” comments newly elected councilmember William Stokes.

That's exactly what residents want to hear.

“Get this stuff done right. Instead of nickel and diming it, just go ahead and get it done right, get it done right the first time," adds Tanner.

Mayor Porter is also working on possibly selling the city's water supply, what he says is some of the best drinking water in the region.

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