Boxes of Christmas Wishes Sent to Soliders Overseas


Lewiston's Post Office was bustling on Monday with people sending off Chrismas well-wishes in the form of cards and packages.

Eva Smathers and her husband were also there sending off holiday cheer, box after box after box.

Monday they shipped 72 care packages to soldiers overseas as part of "Chrismas Wishes for our Heroes."

That makes 88 boxes total over the last two weeks sent to those serving the country over the holidays.

Eva Smathers says, "We served approximately 880 soldiers. So I'm really happy for [the results] and really thankful for all the donations and especially all the help."

Smathers says since they started in 2013 they've been able help more soliders every year. She says they'd be able to serve even more if it wasn't for postage costs.

This year they spent over $1500 on postage alone.

They take donations all year long at P1FCU under the Christmas Wishes for our Heroes account.

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