Moscow water main line now fixed

water break.jpg

Moscow residents water is up and running again after a water main break in the city. The streets affected were left full of dirt and debris. At around nine o’clock Wednesday morning, a water main on Sixth street and Logan streets burst. Water began to pour out of the 12-inch crack and began to flood the surrounding residential neighborhood.

Logan street was flooded in about six or so inches of water from Sixth street to Seventh street, with water creeping into a few homes and garages. Steve Schulte, City of Moscow said, "There was so much water that it overwhelmed the drainage system, flowing down the road and to this corner here. So now we're cleaning up the mud, dirt, rock, and debris that was caused by that."

It took crews around four hours to clean up the mess and to fix the water main. The road is back open. Water is also back on after being turned off for repairs to the water main.

City officials ask for the 12 homes that were shut off to not consume the water until samples clear Thursday. Shower and toilet use is fine, and officials have no reason to suspect any contamination.

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