Busy Hands make Light Work for Asotin Co. Election


In Asotin County ballots were hand-counted in a small room of the courthouse.

A small group of ladies started counting ballots on October 31st and didn't anticipate being done until Thursday or Friday of election week, as more ballots came by mail.

On the Monday before the election, they had counted 1,500 ballots in three hours, slicing each envelope open and checking the ballots by hand.

Asotin County auditor Darla McKay says as of Tuesday morning their ballot return was around 37%, but she anticipated that number would grow as that was the last day to vote.

She explains, "I do expect that we'll get quite a surge in the ballot dropboxes later today and that we'll pick up in the morning, as well as in the mail. So anything postmarked by today (November 7th) will still be counted."

The election will be canvassed and the final results certified on November 28th.

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