Cabin owner suspects arson

    cabin closeup.jpg

    The man who lost his cabin in the Goose Rapids Fire believes it was intentionally set.

    Terry says the cabin started about 50 years ago when he bought the land, and built the cabin as a starter. But on Friday, he saw this and many other pictures of his structure burned to the ground.

    He said he couldn’t believe how badly it was burned. He’s now waiting on results from fire inspectors’ reports, because he says his electrical panel was off. No power was being fed to the cabin, and to himhe could be wrong but it appears like his cabin caught fire before the wild fire started.

    “I'm offering rewards not just one but I'm offering rewards and there's going to be a substantial one to find if it was arson who actually did it and who was behind it and why. I don't have any enemies,” Rudd said.

    Terry has yet to decide exactly how much of a reward he’ll give but anyone with information, you can call him at 509-758-0629.

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